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мясная тарелка

                                                     Ladies and Gentlemen!

The holiday season has started, people are spending more and more time in the street, in cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants. And in the summer there is a trend of increasing in sales of such a light alcoholic beverage like beer and accompanying products - snacks.

 To increase the volume of sales in the HoReCa, the trade mark " The Altay Energy " offers you a new product that has a number of significant advantages:

 1. Convenient format of packing: a new dual vacuum bag with a special line of separation with the total weight of 100g.; In every department 50g. of product is packed; that provides:

- The preservation of flavors - We have considered every detail! The product does not absorb extraneous odors, it is packaged in a special vacuum packing, which does not allow to miss any single odor and ensures the safety of the product during the shelf life.

 - Easy to register the product for the staff - "Why to weigh what has already been weighed!"

 - The appearance plays a key role in choosing the goods - a transparent vacuum packaging allows you to see the quality of our product and appreciate it.

 2. The popular line of tastes : it's the best sold positions in pubs, that provide a minimum period of turnover.

 "Altyn Bash"

 1. Meat pieces of uncooked jerked veal with spicy paprika (Altyn-Bash) 100 g., (1 pepper)

 2. Meat pieces of uncooked jerked chicken with red pepper (Altyn-Bash) 100 g., (2 peppers)

 3. Meat pieces of uncooked jerked pork meat with red pepper (Altyn-Bash) 100 g., (2 peppers)

 4. Meat pieces of uncooked jerked deer meat with chilli (Altyn-Bash) 100 g., (3 peppers)


1. Struganina from deer meat with spicy paprika 100g (TM "7'62"), (1 pepper)

2. Struganina from pork with adzhika 100g (TM "7'62"), (2 peppers)

3. Struganina from chicken with red pepper 100g (TM "7'62"), (3 peppers)

4. Struganina from beef with chilli 100g (TM "7'62"), (3 peppers)

5. Struganina - Veal "golden root" with hot pepper 100g (TM 7'62), (3 peppers)

Now on the package the level of spiciness of the product is selected (1 pepper - minimally spicy product, 2 peppers - medium spicy, and 3 peppers – the most spicy product). This helps the consumer to make the choice, and the seller to give the competent advice.

3. An advantageous price: by increasing the filling and reducing the cost of the package, the price of the product is 18% lower than the price of the distributor premium analogues in equivalent of grams of product. In this case, we have kept the quality of the product on the same level.

4. The impeccable quality: during the creation of a new line, the unique technology was used, which is available on all the products of TM "Altyn Bash" and TM "7'62", which has been widely recognized by buyers. After all, 78% of our customers are primarily guided by the quality of the product.

5. Wide assortment allows to use in menu a variety of options for such dishes as meat plate - to include only spicy products, not spicy or all three kinds of spiciness,that allows to satisfy tastes of a wide segment of consumers.

We are absolutely sure that if you use this unique offer for the segment HoReCa, then the level of your sales will increase by 15-20%.

For more details about the conditions of our promotion you can contact our managers by phone.: +7 (3852) 65-18-88 or write to us at

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