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The energy of the Altai » News » The expedition to Khakassia
The expedition to Khakassia

The Altay Energy" is a partner of the expedition "Altay - Khakassia / / the Abakan Range-it’s the ski expedition to the healing spring (the autonomous ski tour to Khakassia)," organized by the club of  travelers "Altay-guide."

On the 5th of  March 2012 started the last stage of the unique autonomous ski expedition to one of the most inaccessible areas of Siberia. This journey is a real trial and the test on strength. Extreme and severe conditions, complete autonomy, the lack of the benefits of civilization, in this hike is extremely important to be always in good shape, have the strength and energy to overcome all the difficulties. In this case, each gram of extra weight of food supplies behind his shoulders can be fatal. "The Altay Energy" provided the expedition with its meat products, so that the participants will always be able to regain strength and eat delicious, natural and easy (in all senses) meat. Packaged in a compact vacuum packaging, meat is an individual convenient way to snack "in motion”.

We will track down the events of the expedition and publish the news. After the return of the participants, we will publish a detailed report on the trip, and details of the events.

About the expedition in brief:

  • The autonomous ski expedition to one of the most inaccessible areas of Siberia;
  • The expeditionary tour to the upper reaches of the Big Abakan at the junction of three borders: the Altay, the Khakassia and the Tuva;
  • Accommodations in the hunting huts, immersion in the culture and life, that does not change for hundreds of years;
  • To travel here is possible only in winter and only on special skis;
  • Today, this mountainous area is one of the few places in Russia, hardly altered with human activity;
  • For hundreds of years for people these mountains were not just a hunting place, here they drew strength and wisdom in the healing spring waters;
  • The local population still reveres the ancient laws and supposes this spring is "a place of strength."


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