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At the start of the Altai Energy
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The energy of the Altay

On Earth, there are a number of places that offer a person the mysteries of the universe. Getting into such an edge, some remember their past lives, others see the future, others explore parallel worlds. Altay is one of those places.

Altay since ancient times was famous for its natural resources, filled with a special energy force. It produces a unique, environmentally friendly raw materials and natural products that carry the energy charge part of the Altay. Those who have been here, always remember that this unique energy of Altay, and will endeavor to dip into it again and again. Products under the brand name "Energy Altay" - a unique eco-friendly products that can energize, energize and give the Altay energy for effective action, success, good health and longevity.


The skiers choose "The Altay Energy"

"The Altay Energy" is the sponsor of the ski team

The Promotion for HoReCa

The holiday season has started, people are spending more and more time in the street, in cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants.

The song of the Altay

The Altay Territory Governor Alexander Karlin sang a song for the people of the region "Where the Motherland Begins". The video shows the most beautiful places of Altay

The expedition to Khakassia

The Altay Energy" is a partner of the expedition "Altay - Khakassia // the Abakan Range-it’s the ski expedition to the healing spring (the autonomous ski tour to Khakassia)," organized by the club of travelers "Altay-guide."


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